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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!

And we have been! The students have been working hard on all their projects with new ones constantly going up on the walls of the "student gallery." Kindergarten has just finished their wonderful animal masks that corrilated with the tribe they studied for Pow Wow. Fun was had by all while working in clay. 1st grade is heading into the world of PORTRAIT, learning how to create shadow and light on the face. 2nd grade is finishing up their clay as well, as they formed interesting animals that will soon grace our cases. 3rd grade is finishing up breathtaking landscapes, where they have used direct painting techniques which include layering and a focus on depth. 4th grade has been doing a variety of projects, some being soap carving, found art sculpture, printmaking, and contour line paintings. 5th grade is finishing up books and working on Artist Trading Cards dealing with Color Study. AND IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL THAT, THE 2ND GRADE BACKDROP IS BEING PAINTED.....LITERALLY!!!! So if you can't find me, look on the floor. Never a dull moment in the Art Lab!