Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't Miss ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA 2009!!!!!!!!

If you have never come to one of Chets Creeks ARTS EXTRAVAGANZA'S then you have a huge, family fun, evening waiting for you. Don't miss it this year, because we have lots of wonderful guest artists attending, and plenty of hands on art activities in which to participate for all age levels. NOT TO MENTION THE SCHOOL WIDE STUDENT ART EXHIBITION TO EXPERIENCE. Everyone is sure to have a fantastic time and see some awesome artwork. When is it, you ask????
Friday, April 24th from 6:00-8:00
We look forward to seeing you there!

On Her Way......

It is sad to see Miss Fravel leave us, but she is on her way to graduate from UNF and go on to become a Fabulous Art Teacher for some lucky school. So a huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to you, Miss Fravel!!!!! She says she will keep up with us and blog so we can know what she is doing. She will always be a part of Chets Creek! Don't stay too far away.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Paper House Lesson

Mrs. Snead has an example of a paper house she made at a workshop displayed in the classroom, I noticed right away that students always thought it was neat and wanted to know how to make it. Because of the high student interest I knew I wanted to try this lesson with a class so Mrs. Snead showed me the general procedures for cutting and folding the paper.

I chose to work with a smaller 5th grade class (one of my favorite classes!), it was sort of an experiment since the lesson had never been done before, it involved geometry and math and it took us about 3 classes to put together the house.

This class really impressed me, once they had the understanding for basic construction of the house and additions, they really took it to the next step adding pools, trees, patios, driveways, etc. What I liked even more was that they were helping each other out, it was like we were all teachers that day. It was a very hands on, cooperative learning experience for everyone. For the lawn, students used tissue paper to create grass and shrubbery.

During this project was also when I had 'the teacher moment', something they told us about at the beginning of internship that makes it all feel worth it, outweighs the bad days, and builds your confidence and desire to teach. One of the students said it was the most fun and best project he ever did, coming from a 5th grader who has been making art with Mrs. Snead really meant something to me. In general the whole class had fun while thinking critically and creatively and I could tell they were proud of the final product. That is one of my favorite parts about teaching, when students are proud of what they learned.

5th grade photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with three 5th grade classes doing a photography lesson. The kids were all very excited about the project.

For the lesson we focused on framing and using the camera as an artist. Students were to think about what they wanted to say about their subject. We also discussed the how the effects of lighting, shadows, and perspective can influence the visual message. We also discussed some of the features on the camera that can effect the visual message, such as shooting or printing the photos in black and white, antique, or sepia.

With one class I introduced the students to the artist Andy Goldsworthy, this class was to take photos inspired by his work by altering some sort of environment.

The other two classes we worked on doing portraits.

I pulled some images from the cameras done by the students focusing on Goldsworthy, as much as I would like to share the portraits, I think its best not to post photos of students onto the blog. I did however stumble upon many other interesting pictures on the memory cards the students took that may not have anything to do with the required assignment, however I think they qualify as interesting photography. I loved looking through all the pictures to see what students were interested in taking pictures of and to see what sort of artistic decisions they were making.

Doing the photography lesson was one of my goals for the internship, I think its really great that Mrs. Snead has brought these wonderful resources into the art classroom through the use of grants, not all schools are so lucky to have a class set of cameras and printers. Im glad I got to take advantage of this and that Mrs. Snead was willing to let me work with them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

More Soap!

Here are some soap sculptures that I think turned out great!

Silhouette Project

So, I am a little behind on updating the blog with some of the exciting projects going on in the art room. I have been putting together my portfolio and tying up all my loose ends at the internship, which has been much more time consuming then I expected.

However with all this going on, we have been having some great projects coming out of the art room!

With the 3rd graders I had been working on a silhouette project. The project required students to think about contour lines on the edges of objects to show detail. Since we were doing silhouettes, we were using black paper, so students couldn't use line or value for interior detail, instead they had to focus on cutting shapes out of the black paper with detail.

They were to first paint the background in watercolor, I decided to use warm colors for a sunset kind of feeling because dusk is when the lightening is best for silhouettes. I showed one class my example of a cityscape with a bridge and gave them free range to do some sort of landscape silhouette, with the other classes I narrowed the subject matter to palm trees.

The project was really fun and most students were successful, they really had to think about craftsmanship when cutting and gluing the black shapes onto the watercolored paper to create the scene.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make some more posts on some other projects we have been doing like the 5th grade photography, the clay slab house project, and some of the kindergarten black line paintings.