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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

We are getting into the REAL stuff now!

Art to Remember is being finished up and classes are now moving on to regular art projects. The emphasis this year will be on the elements of art and the principles of design. Below are Kindergarten students learning about LINE. STRAIGHT,CURVY,WAVY, ZIG-ZAG, AND BROKEN. We also are discussing line DIRECTIONS. HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL, DIAGONAL. Later on, these colorful sheets of LINES will be used in a collage about shapes. Be on the lookout!

Below, my Second Grade Students are learning about RADIAL BALANCE! These are patterns that radiate out from the center, in all directions.

More to come as we move into other exciting projects.

Friday, September 2, 2011

New Art Teachers At Chets

We have two new Itenerate Art Teachers at Chets Creek this year. On Tuesdays, Trish Holloway will be teaching students in the Resource B groups. On Thursday, Elaine Perez will be teaching students in the Resource A groups. Welcome to them both! I know your students will love their time with these two exceptional Art Educators.

Art To Remember Time Again

Summer certainly flew by with a flurry, and now school is rolling along with excitement of the new year, soaring everywhere! Our new theme "Empowering the Future" has superheros coming out of the woodwork! How much fun!

The beginning of the year also signifies the beginning of our Art To Remember Fundraiser program. Each child will produce a small work of art that will be sent home in a special envelope in October. You will have the opportunity to purchase many different items with YOUR CHILD'S personal artwork displayed. This makes beautiful Holiday Gifts for family members, as they are as one of a kind as your child. Look for examples to be set up during OPEN HOUSE on Sept. 15th and 22nd!