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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Great Ending

I have been quite remiss in writing as you can see by the dates. I probably need to work on time management and get more organized. That will have to be a goal for next school year.

The art year seemed to go really well. A lot of information was covered and now we are awaiting the results of the 2nd and 5th grade's MAP test scores to see just how well the students did. Miss Kristy and I really worked on pounding in the vocabulary so that the test might seem much easier in the Spring than it did in the Fall. We will see if our efforts paid off.

Off testing and on to the really important stuff. The art work! It was truly incredible. The students really worked hard and produced some beautiful masterpieces. We actually had 30 pieces of artwork chosen for The Best in Elementary Art Show this year! That was almost every student who had been entered in the Elementary Library Show, which is from what The Best Of.... is chosen. I was quite proud of our body of work. Congratulations to all the students who were representing Chets Creek in both of these shows.

We even had a 4th grade student who went to the State Level of the PTA Reflections competition this year in the Visual Arts area. She created an outstanding work of art reflecting this year's theme about making a difference. Great work!

Photograpy was a hit with the 5th grade students! Oh my, how they loved roaming around the campus finding the "perfect shot". And, I must say, they really got creative! They had to make decisions about the color scheme of the photograph to best present the subject matter and they really made some wonderful choices. The people who saw examples of their work were amazed at how well they chose their subject and captured the shot. I can't wait to get started will photography next year!

Arts Extravaganza was probably the best one yet! It was so well attended we started running out of the hands-on activities materials. I don't think that has ever been done. The guest artists were fabulous, the student artwork looked beautiful and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. It will be hard to top it next year BUT we will try.

What a fabulous year! Having Miss Kristy and Miss Spooner made a huge difference in the amount of art time the students received, helping them to be more "artistically minded". The year would not have been near as successful with out them so.........THANKS A TRILLION TO TWO WONDERFUL ART TEACHERS!

Just because it is summer does not mean the art has to stop! There are a lot of activities that students can get involved with that will keep them working artistically. The Cummer Museum and MOCAJ both have art camps throughout the summer. Art Blast at Grace Church in Avondale has a camp all summer. There are other opportunities as well. If you can't do those, then get paper and crayons and "go to town!" If you go to the archives on this blog site, you will find an old article about ways to stay busy with the arts over the summer. Look in June of 2007. Through out the summer, I will try to give some other ideas as well.