Friday, October 29, 2010

Kindergarten Color Study

From PRIMARY colors to SECONDARY colors! That is what these kindergarten students are learning about. They are identifying colors that belong in each catagory. These projects show the result of mixing two primary colors together to produce a secondary color. The pumpkins are examples of painting with the mixed colors. The fish are collages, where the students painted the paper first, mixing two primary colors, and then, later, cut shapes out and glued them into their composition.

Kindergarten Collage

Kindergarten students, many times, come to school not really knowing how to use scissors correctly. So, what better way to learn than doing collages. Here they learned about shapes, gluing procedures, and a little watercolor techniques. They cut the shapes from newspaper, glued them down, then painted right on top. These are wonderful masterpieces.

Pumpkin Patch

This third grade class used oil pastels to create VOLUME and MASS, when drawing these pumpkins. The goal was to blend colors together to give the optical illusion of form. We wanted you to think you could actually walk around these pumpkins, maybe even pick one up off the ground. Did it work?????

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Above, these 4th grade students have been experimenting wth VALUE and MONOCHROMATIC COLOR SCHEMES. They have used TINTS and SHADES of one color to create their compositions. This is not an easy task, but these students accomplished the goal with flying colors.

Collage Citiscapes

This second grade class looked at Citiscapes and began to reproduce them in paper. In their collages they showed understanding of depth, overlapping, in some cases, even reflections. It was fascinating to see the different ways they portrayed cities in their collages.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cart Resource doesn't have to be a drag.....

I will have to say..........our Art Cart Resource teachers really know how to spice things up. Who needs to have a boring old cart when you can dress it up. Mrs. Miron has morphed her cart into a "Pic Nic" theme, while Mr. Tamburrino has hidden away in his "Hobbit Hole". Then comes Mrs. Kristy with her John Deere tractor. I know the kids love seeing these carts roll through the door when it is art time at Chets.

Our Local Artist - Macy

Macy D., a second grade student at Chets Creek, was asked to paint a "Food Flow Chart" for Second Harvest Food Bank. She came in after school for several days and painted this wonderful piece that will be displayed at SHFB. It was really fun to watch her work progress through the planning,painting, and detailing stages. CONGRATULATIONS, MACY, on a job well done!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a HUGE Congratulations!!!!

Our own Elizabeth Miron won TEACHER OF THE YEAR at her 4 day school, Whitehouse Elementary! This is only her 2nd year teaching!!!! She has really made a major impact and it was immediately noticed. We are all proud of you! Great Job!!!!!

Awesome 5th grade Photographers

Our 5th grade students never cease to amaze me with their photographic "eye." We talk about the difference between taking photographs to create memories and to create an artistic composition. The classes have had assignments such as TEXTURE, STILL LIFE, "HANDS", and EMPHASIS. In all, the focus has been on how to compose the image to best communicate an idea. Students have learned about simple manipulation of the images with color and cropping. This project seemes to rank right up there at the top of the favorite 5th grade art assignments!

2nd grade Working on "Cool" colors.

Actually, they are working on warm colors too! And emphasis. We have been talking about how color can make the viewer feel and why an artist might use a warm or cool color scheme. Our new vocabulary word is......ANALOGOUS - colors related to each other, located next to each other on the color wheel!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Art To Remember Questions and Answers

Art To Remember Project on the Way HOME!!!!

We have completed the Art To Remember Artwork and have them all stuffed in the envelopes, ready to head home. Included on the envelope, should be instructions on how to fill out the order forms so that you can receive all those fabulous items with YOUR child's artwork on them. This is really one of the greatest projects that we do because nothing is better than getting the artwork of a child, as it is fresh and honest. The following are answers to many questions you might have. If your answer is not there, my number appears on the sheet that is attached to your envelope. Give me a call.

What if my child did not finish their artwork? Well, that is not a problem. They are welcome to finish at home with whatever art medium you have available. Many were completed with crayon or markers, or a combination of both, so either of these would be fine.

What if my child did not do a piece of artwork? There were some students who were absent during several art classes or did not enter the school until after we were finished. They are welcome to do a piece of artwork. You can use a piece of copy paper but you must cut it down to 8' x 10 1/2". If you forget this step, I can cut it down when I get it. Make sure they put their first and last name, their teachers name, and Chets Creek, on the back. Have your child come to the Art Lab and get an extra envelope, which contains all the things you need to order.

What if my child does not like their artwork OR what if I would like them to draw something different? When we introduce this project to the students, we normally allow them (at least the older ones) to pick their own subject matter. We do stress the importance of choosing something that would be nice printed on one of these items. However, sometimes, the subject matter of the work is not necessarily something you would like to see on a coffee mug or a T-shirt. You are welcome to have your child draw another picture on a piece of copy paper (see above instructions) and send the new picture in the same envelope you received.

If I have another child that does not attend Chets Creek, can I have them do artwork and include it in the order? Absolutely! Again, just cut a piece of copy paper down to the size mentioned above and have them include their name on the back, their sibling's teachers name, and Chets Creek. You will have to get a seperate order form so that the company is not confused as to what artwork to print on what object. I should have extras in the Art Lab. You can put the artwork in the siblings envelope when your order is complete.

What do I need to return with my order? The order must have the original piece of artwork, the order form, and the payment.

How do I pay? You can pay by check Made out to CHETS CREEK OR by cash. A district change has stated that Duval Schools can no longer recieve checks for over $250. If your order is over $250, you could break it up into two checks.

Will I get my child's artwork back? Yes. If you make an order, the artwork will be returned with the items purchased.

When is my order due? Orders are due back to school by October 15th. I can send in ONE LATE ORDER on Nov. 5th. After that, we will not be able to send in any additional orders.

When are we expecting the orders to arrive? This year, we are looking to receive them before the Thanksgiving break. If not then, then right after we return. They will be here in plenty of time for the holidays, especially, if your gifts are being sent out of town.

What if an item I have purchased comes damanged? Not a problem. Send the damanged piece in to the Art Lab. ATR keeps student artwork, digitally, until June. We can contact ATR and they will replace it and send it directly to you.

What if I want to order more items at a later date? Again, if you have put in a previous order, the artwork is stored digitally with ATR and they can simply pull it up and print it on whatever you like. You can work directly with ATR at that point.

What does the ATR fundraiser support? All funds raised by this project go to support the Cultural Arts at Chets Creek by bringing in quality presentations and performances for all our students. It also supports our annual Cultural Arts Week, which is a week long celebration of guest artists and family workshops that allow students and families to enjoy different aspects of the arts. The Arts Extravaganza evening event is also supported so that families can come enjoy and participate in the arts together. Finally, these funds help support the resources at Chets, allowing them to purchase special equipment and/or supplies for our students to enjoy.

Hopefully, your question has been answered. If not, you can leave a comment with a question and then check the blog for the answer in a day or two. OR you can call the number on the information sheet attached to your envelope. Let me THANK YOU for your support of and through this project. I KNOW you will be WOWed by these objects with your child's original art. It make the item that much more special.

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