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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Monochromatic in Fourth Grade

My fourth grade classes are studying Monochromatic Color Schemes. This is a real mind bender for them as their palette is limited to ONE color, plus black and white (which, by the way, are not considered colors). This skill, of creating tints and shades of a color, takes some practice. You may see more examples coming soon!  This is really pushing their boundaries and brains!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Creating Alma Woodsey Thomas Eclipses

My second grade students worked on these abstract collages with a substitute. It turned out to be a wonderful project for them and for her, as well. They observed Alma Woodsey Thomas' Eclipse, talked about the work, observed how she used her color, and discussed what is meant by "eclipse". Then, they cut a black circle for their eclipse and began tearing warm and cool color construction paper for their radiated light. This was also a great time to review gluing techniques and teach RADIAL design!

Moving toward Choice Based Projects

I recently attended our State Conference and was in more than one workshop that focused on the movement in art education toward student choice learning.  That means that the student should have more input into the subject matter and/or medium that is used in their project.  I have been working toward allowing my students more choice in their projects, whether they have a choice of media which they can use or creating their own image within certain assigned parameters (which is personal choice and problem solving) .  Here students are working on still life drawings where they chose which art supplies they wanted draw as well as how they were arranged.  I am continuing to work on allowing more choice so students can truly own their work, as well as learn to make personal choices and solve visual problems with confidence.

Art in Everyday Life

My third grade students designed stamps, with my substitute, as part of a study of art in our everyday life. We are inundated with and respond to ART everyday from what clothing we will wear, homes we live in, games we play and even the stamps on our envelopes.  These students learned a little about the history of the stamp, how they started and how they have been designed throughout history. They were given the assignment to design their own stamp. These are a couple that were completed.