Friday, December 14, 2012

Radial Balance, Beautiful in all directionsI

In 2nd grade, we learn about RADIAL BALANCE. This is a wonderful opportunity to create these beautiful radial designs that look the same in all directions. This is one of the students favorite projects and they begin finding things in radial balance everywhere. Process: * Trace a circle on black paper and cut it out carefully. * Fold the circle in half, then in half again, and in half once more. * When opened up, the circle should have 4 long folds (8 sections) showing the middle of the circle. * Using pencils, students can begin creating their designs, making sure to do the same thing in each of the 8 sections. * Students can then paint in designs and finish up with oil pastels.


This is such a difficult thing for my 4th grade students. To paint with only one color, only using the tints and shades of that color is not natural as our world is so colorful. BUT is does make you THINK.......... and learn about mixing tints and shades.


This year's third grade Landscapes help to teach depth. We also review FOREGROUND, MIDDLE GROUND, AND BACKGROUND.

Clay Vessels

Clay has begun, and these are the first projects to come out of the kiln. This 4th grade class made slab vessels, painting them to reflect a "NATURE" theme. Texture was emphasized as we rubbed paint into the clay and rinsed off the excess. This created a "bark" like texture. Then colors were painted on vines and flowers.

Perfect Portraits

Each year I like to teach PORTRAIT to my 1st grade students as it is a great way to teach proportion, formal balance, and color blending. We also discuss what makes a portrait a portrait---when the artist focuses your attention on WHO the person is instead of what they are doing. We also learn about blending colors using oil pastels. As you can see, it makes for some interesting color. This year, I added a pattern component. The portraits were remounted on colored construction paper and different patterns were added around the "frame". We did discuss regular and irregular pattern so the students could practice both on their portraits.

Pattern and Shape......How Cute!

Here is a lesson that teachers request just about every year. Why? Because it is so cute! It is a great way to teach Pattern and Shape. We talk about regular and irregular pattern as well as organic and geometric shape.