Thursday, December 1, 2011


MONOCHROMATIC COLOR SCHEMES are not the easiest way to paint. But these 4th grade students seemed to make it look easy. Monochromatic painting means that you are painting with only ONE color. Now, you may think that they used more, but they have learned that BLACK and WHITE are not actually colors. White is the absence of pigment, and black is the combination of all pigment. Therefore, adding black and/or white to a color to lighten or darken that color, is still painting with only ONE color. Pretty neat, huh?

Why would someone WANT to paint with a monochromatic color scheme????? Well, one reason is that colors illicit different emotions therefore they would more strongly communicate that emotion to the viewer. Another might be that the artist is focusing on that particular skill. Can you think of other reasons?

The RADIALS are rolling in again.

Once again, 2nd grade is learning about RADIAL BALANCE, which is one of the concepts on which they are tested. I have done this project for the last 2 or 3 years, and every year I am amazed at the final pieces these students produce. They not only understand radial balance, but they understand it BEAUTIFULLY!

We look at examples of objects that show Radial Balance. That would be objects reflecting a pattern that begins in the center, and radiates out to the edges. When turned in any direction, you should view the same pattern. Examples would be a flower with a center and petels moving out, a bicycle wheel, a propeller, doilie, just to name a few. What kind of radial balanced patterns do you see around you??????

This year, we made them smaller and glued them onto CD's. I put holes at the top and bottom, connecting a class of Radials together to form a mobile of sorts, to be hung outside their classrooms. They really look great!

It is nice to have a FAN!

It is always nice to have an art fan, but to have a SUPER FAN is even BETTER! This student dressed up as WONDER ARTIST! It is no "wonder", because she IS a super artist! Carry on WONDER ARTIST! Keep up the great work.