Tuesday, September 16, 2008

things are moving along.....

Well, Art To Remember is coming to an end soon and we will be getting envelopes stuffed and sent home in October. Instructions will be given along with your class set of envelopes so you will understand how to handle this particular fundraiser.

It will be nice to start on some art plans that Miss Kristy and I have been discussing. We are really excited about some of the projects that will be coming your way soon. Remember to hold on the student artwork until Arts Extravaganz in April so you will have plenty for display during the week long art show. If you don't know about this April event, please ask me or your grade level leader.

While I am blogging, I would like to send out a request. I need to know some ways I can get the students working on the two computers in my room more oftern. I only have them from 40 - 50 minutes and I have 25 - 36 students. How do you handle this in your classrooms? I would really like to see the computers used more than they are. Let me know any suggestions you might have that I can adapt to the art program. All are appreciated!


Melanie Holtsman said...

I can't wait to see my new kindergarteners Art to Remember projects for this year. My older child has special memories from that project - thanks for doing it yearly!

Blogging Idea - Draw a name or pick a special student or two for each class that will go on a blog post that you have already logged into and have them blog about what they did in class! You can add a photo or image later and publish the post. :)

Anonymous said...

It depends on what you want your students to do on the computers. If, for example, you want them to take a virtual tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (if there is such a thing) or research information, you can rotate students through a "computer station." In the past, I have had students practicing skills using a site called Quia. During the workshop portion of the lesson, I rotated groups to the computers in pairs. Four students were able to sit at the computers and I let them practice for 5-10 minutes before sending another group. You could have an A schedule and a B schedule, rotating half of the class each time you meet with them. The process moves more quickly if you have already bookmarked the sites you want students to visit.

Suzanne said...

I love that you do Art to Remember. I know it can't be easy since you do it for 1,250 kids, but the parents sure do appreciate it! We have all of Alex's projects and will cherish Carter's as well. Thanks, Jen!