Friday, October 17, 2008

Learning Lots in Orlando

Wow! It is a wirlwind down here! I haven't stopped since I stepped out of the car. The workshops are wonderful, and the ideas are coming. There is so much creativity flowing that I should come back with a new lesson plan or two to try out with the students.
The workshop I gave with my friend, Judi Evans, really turned out to be a huge success. Everyone was telling us how fascinating it was to learn how much a small book can help teach students so much. Not only, art concepts, but concepts they find in their classroom as well. See to see the details on this workshop and see some of the beautiful books created by these teachers.
A couple more workshops to go and then I am heading back to Jax.

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Meli O'Leary said...

I love going to conferences like that. It is so invigorating to come back to school with a mind full of new ideas. The kids missed you in art but so glad you are learning so much. I love that all the teachers at Chets are lifelong learners!