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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Portside Mural - What Fun!

Three if us, Kristy Sappington, Karen willett, and myself, had a wonderful opportunity to work together on a mural for a very special project. ARC and Chets Creek have joined up to open an Academic Resource Center in one of our local neighborhoods called Portside. This center will allow the students to have a place to work on computers, view their displayed artwork in frames, check out books, and attend storytime sessions. And that is just the beginning. ARC donated two rooms for this center, one of which, the story time room, we painted a mural of the seashore. As you watch the slideshow above, you will see the transformation from gold walls to a day at the beach.

I was such fun working with Karen and Kristy not just because they are wonderful artists, but our styles seemed to meld together so well. Plus, it was just a lot of fun. The pictures don't do justice to this project, so you will have to make plans to see it in person.

I know there are other plans for this room to even take it to the next level. May 19th will be the grand opening, so come take a look.


Melissa Ross said...

You are all so talented! It is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Amazing job!
-Casey Stephens

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Would you lovely ladies come paint a scene like that in my bed room? I grew up at the beach and now live over the ditch. I experience withdrawals on a regular basis.

It is absolutely gorgeous!! Well-done, ladies!!