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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Up and Coming Graphic Designers

This was a fun project where the students had to design a wrapper for a new candy bar. What they had to think about was how the wrapper would attract a potential buyer. How could they design it so that a customer would choose their candy bar over the rest of the selection. It was quite challenging! With the little bit of time left over, they designed a magazine advertisement about their product. We discussed how advertising had to capture your attention in a glance that lasts a second or two. They were able to share their candy bar and advertisement to the class using the document camera. What fun! It is definitly a project I hope to spend more time on next year.

1 comment:

Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

What a great idea!

Did you share that with Mr. T? That sounds like a Stevie kind of lesson.

Have a great summer!!