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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2nd learns Radial Balance...and I am not talking about tires:-)

Second grade is one of the "tested" grade levels in Duval County, and one of the items on this test is Radial Balance. I love doing this project with these students, not only to teach them about radial balance, but also because they really turn out some beautiful art projects. Below are some examples from the first class to finish. More than likely, I will be putting more on later, so keep coming back to see what shows up!

We discussed Radial Balance and looked at examples.
Students used a circle pattern, traced it on black c. paper and cut out.
We folded the circle in half (taco) than in half again (pizza slice) and then one more time in half (ice cream cone).

When unfolded, it showed the middle of the circle and eight radiating folds, on which to draw patterns, by repeating the motif in all directions, in each of the 8 sections.

We chose a color theory to use to paint in patterns and then embellished with oil pastels.

Later, these will be mounted on another piece of contruction paper for display

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Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

I find it interesting that your most recent post in art is "radial balance" and Mr. Ruark's most recent post in math is "fractions and pizzas."

Let's hear it for curriculum integration!!