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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wild Cat Faces frozen in clay

This really turned out to be a wonderful project where every student enjoyed creating these wildcats in clay. We looked at pictures and noticed shapes seen in the faces and discussed how to put them in to "form" through clay. Using the pinch method, we pinched a thick bowl, inverted it, creating the armature for the face. Then we used clay attachment techniques to build the wildcat of choice. Some students put small holes in the lips, and then when fired, they cut and glued monofilament in for whiskers.


Dee Dee Tamburrino said...


Oh, Jennifer....where were you when I was in elementary art? I didn't get any of this stuff when I was a kid.

Mrs. Woodlief, Art Teacher said...

Excellent, Jen. You are such an inspiration. Your lessons are so original and creative.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Cats! You produce such great ideas for our kids!