Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1st Grade learning about SHAPE

1st grade always gets a lesson on shapes. Most GEOMETRIC shapes they know - square, triangle, circle, rectangle, oval, even trapezoid and paralellagram. And some even throw out hexigon, and octagon. BUT they become stumped when I ask them to name an ORGANIC shape. Well, that's because you can't!!! Organic shapes are those that are free form. Sometimes they occur over and over again, sometimes they only occur once. For example, the shape of spilled milk on the floor would be undescribable, therefore it would be ORGANIC. That exact shape would more than likely never happen again. The shape of an oak leaf is organic, and occurs over and over again on the tree.

In these collages, the students had to tear ORGANIC SHAPES out to paper to form clouds, hills, grass, tops of trees, etc. Then they used GEOMETRIC SHAPES to build their houses, buildings, all those things that "named" shapes can create. As you can see, we really ended up with some fabulous collages.

Of course, we continued to learn how to glue and cut as well.


Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Very cool!!

I like the "spilled milk" visual.

Toni Chant said...

Jen- We are so fortunate to have you as our art teacher at Chets. When I came into your room the other day I was, once again, transported back to my own days of elementary school. Art and music were the two things that I loved dearly as a child, and as a non-English speaker at the time, those two subjects served as my only connection to something comforting and familiar. Thank you for sharing your passion and talents with all of us.