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Friday, February 10, 2012

Study of DEPTH with 3rd grade

Teaching depth on a two-dimensional surface is not always an easy thing to convey to young students. The goal is to get them to understand "portrayed space" and to know how to create the illusion, by placement, size, and color of objects and the foreground, middle ground and backgroud. These 3rd grade students used two art mediums (well, really three) to put togther this composition of fish.
They were able to use the new Crayola color sticks (like colored pencil without the wood) to draw and color in their tropically colored fish on seperate pieces of black paper. They could also do a couple of underwater plants if they wanted. Using cool analogous colors of tempera paint, they painted in their backgournd using lots of overlapping of plants, rocks, etc. Then oil pastels were uses (again, only cool colors) to embellish the background. Fish were cut out of the black paper and glued onto the cool colored background giving an illusion of depth.