Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Geometric to Organic - Shapes Gone WILD!

WOW! I found this lesson online and developed it into was a fun way to teach geometric and organic shape to my 4th grade students. They LOVE art mediums that react to different stimuli. This was a simple exercise, where the students were to draw GEOMETRIC SHAPES with washable markers on white drawing paper. I encouraged overlapping and interesting juxtapositions. Once they were finished, we sprayed the paper with water and watched the ink spread into VERY INTERESTING organic shapes. That was just TOO COOL! The next class, we took black markers and outlined shapes, both organic and geometric, to really pull them out for all to see. This certainly opened up the opportunity to review LINE AND DEPTH by encouraging the students to fill up the negative space with line design, showing lines going under and over each other. The resulting design was really eye catching, don't you think?

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