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Thursday, April 16, 2009

5th grade photography

I had the wonderful opportunity to work with three 5th grade classes doing a photography lesson. The kids were all very excited about the project.

For the lesson we focused on framing and using the camera as an artist. Students were to think about what they wanted to say about their subject. We also discussed the how the effects of lighting, shadows, and perspective can influence the visual message. We also discussed some of the features on the camera that can effect the visual message, such as shooting or printing the photos in black and white, antique, or sepia.

With one class I introduced the students to the artist Andy Goldsworthy, this class was to take photos inspired by his work by altering some sort of environment.

The other two classes we worked on doing portraits.

I pulled some images from the cameras done by the students focusing on Goldsworthy, as much as I would like to share the portraits, I think its best not to post photos of students onto the blog. I did however stumble upon many other interesting pictures on the memory cards the students took that may not have anything to do with the required assignment, however I think they qualify as interesting photography. I loved looking through all the pictures to see what students were interested in taking pictures of and to see what sort of artistic decisions they were making.

Doing the photography lesson was one of my goals for the internship, I think its really great that Mrs. Snead has brought these wonderful resources into the art classroom through the use of grants, not all schools are so lucky to have a class set of cameras and printers. Im glad I got to take advantage of this and that Mrs. Snead was willing to let me work with them.

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