Monday, April 13, 2009

Silhouette Project

So, I am a little behind on updating the blog with some of the exciting projects going on in the art room. I have been putting together my portfolio and tying up all my loose ends at the internship, which has been much more time consuming then I expected.

However with all this going on, we have been having some great projects coming out of the art room!

With the 3rd graders I had been working on a silhouette project. The project required students to think about contour lines on the edges of objects to show detail. Since we were doing silhouettes, we were using black paper, so students couldn't use line or value for interior detail, instead they had to focus on cutting shapes out of the black paper with detail.

They were to first paint the background in watercolor, I decided to use warm colors for a sunset kind of feeling because dusk is when the lightening is best for silhouettes. I showed one class my example of a cityscape with a bridge and gave them free range to do some sort of landscape silhouette, with the other classes I narrowed the subject matter to palm trees.

The project was really fun and most students were successful, they really had to think about craftsmanship when cutting and gluing the black shapes onto the watercolored paper to create the scene.

Hopefully tomorrow I can make some more posts on some other projects we have been doing like the 5th grade photography, the clay slab house project, and some of the kindergarten black line paintings.

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