Sunday, May 3, 2009

Clay Crabs and Slabhouse

I just found some pictures I had taken of the last two clay projects I did with the 4th graders that were really fun. One project was the slab clay house project which was a two day project. Students were to focus on scoring and slipping parts of the house on such as chimneys, shutters, doors. The students could also carve in brick work or work on the rough shingles. The students houses turned out great, a lot of them came up with some different and creative ideas like adding porches or snowman. I also liked all of the students projects looked very different and the students really enjoyed making the house.

And, finally, true to form as a Marylander who adores crabs, I had another fourth grade class make crabs. We used the hollow egg technique and scored and slipped on the shell, eight legs, and two claws. This was a three day clay project and several of the crabs turned out great, it was a difficult project and I think with another day the whole class would of had more successful crabs.

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Suzanne said...

I love the crab! What a cool keepsake for a family!