Sunday, May 3, 2009

Farewell to Miss Fravel!

So the past couple weeks have been busy and exciting. I finished the internship on the 17th, it was so hard to say goodbye to the kids and Mrs. Snead. The kids touched my heart and on the last day there was a big basket of thank you cards from the kids and a few gifts from Mrs. Snead, it made all my hard work worth it.

The following week I returned a few nights to help Mrs. Snead with the Kids Art Fairs Fundraiser, which was a great experience for me to see what sort of preparations and interactions would happen on the actual fundraiser nights.

That week I also graduated! Graduation was the same day as the Arts Extravaganza night, so I brought my family straight from graduation to show them the school, see the students art work, and meet Mrs. Snead. My parents said this was their favorite part of graduation weekend because they could see the excitement in me as I showed them around the school and talked about the projects I did with the students.

Since then I had been busy entertaining my folks who stayed in town much longer then I thought, I resumed my regular hours at my part time job, and I have been job searching like crazy. I am hoping to still come and visit and volunteer at Chets creek until the end of the school year, however I have also got a couple trips out of town and the end of the school year is fast approaching! This year has gone by fast! But I can say Chets creek was a big part of my year so far, and I feel like the luckiest intern to have worked at such a great school and an amazing directing teacher.


Mrs. Snead said...

Well we hate to see you go. Make sure to keep up with us on the blog and let us know where you end up teaching. Maybe we can corrispond by blog!!!

Miss Fravel said...

I most certainly will, I am a blogger nerd :)

Suzanne said...

Congratulations, Miss Fravel! Any school will be lucky to have you as their art educator!