Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Project of the Year - Art To Remember

Once again, we are starting our year with the Art To Remember Project, an art fundraiser for Cultural Arts at Chets Creek. You get to purchase items with your child's artwork beautifully presented for all to enjoy. We raise funds to help bring in quality guest presenters, local artists, and put on special events like our Cultural Arts Week and Arts Extravaganza. Funds can also go to purchase special supplies for the various resources at Chets Creek, to enhance your childs experiences in Art, Music, and PE.

Begin looking for your childs Art To Remember envelope to come home at the first of October. With the Holidays coming up, these beautiful works of art could make wonderful gifts for family. We encourage everyone to order at least one magnent to help support Cultural Arts.

Please contact me at 993-6390 x 108 with any questions.

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

NL 2 Grade Miss Thomson and Mrs.McLoed.NL loves to go to the blog from art and look at the pietchers.SD loves to look at the other studiters pietcheres.