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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cart Resource doesn't have to be a drag.....

I will have to say..........our Art Cart Resource teachers really know how to spice things up. Who needs to have a boring old cart when you can dress it up. Mrs. Miron has morphed her cart into a "Pic Nic" theme, while Mr. Tamburrino has hidden away in his "Hobbit Hole". Then comes Mrs. Kristy with her John Deere tractor. I know the kids love seeing these carts roll through the door when it is art time at Chets.


T-Cubed said...

I totally dig the Deere cart! However, I will admit that my first thought was little ol' homeless lady with a shopping cart.

Ms. Sappington and the rest of the art a la cart crew all provide such cool activities. I wish that I could have had similar experiences in grade school!


Suzanne said...

Every time I see an Art on the Cart pass by I smile. The visitors from Arkansas saw a John Deere Tractor buzz by us last week and they were uber impressed!