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Thursday, January 29, 2009

"Green" Baskets

The buzz these days is "going green." It is all about recycling our wastes so as not to fill our landfills with all that stuff that doesn't break down (or at least doesn't for a million years or so). Well, art labs across the world has always been "green" as we recycle just about anything we can get our hands on. My storerooms are full of "garbage" that parents and students drop off on a regular basis. Some of the items I get I can't even identify BUT they come in real useful for certain projects. Some items may even sit there for a year or two before I get a brainstorm about how to incorporate them into a project, but I am glad it's there when I need it.
This particular project has been a little challenging for my 4th graders at first because it takes some coordination to get it started. But once it clicks, they are off to the races. (Make sure to watch for a future entry showing the finished products as these are NOT finished yet.) It simply uses old newspaper, string or yarn and tapestry needles. The product is a functional basket, ready to hold silk flowers, yarn, or decorative balls or any other dry, non-edible item(s). Obviously, there are tons of ways to use newspaper to build projects. What ways can you think of?

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