Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mrs. Snead Has an Intern

Hello to all! My name is Tina Fravel and I am Mrs. Snead’s intern for the next 14 weeks! I am an art education major at UNF, after completing my internship I will be graduating in April (finally!). At UNF I took several fine art classes in addition to taking education classes, I really enjoyed taking a ceramics class because I love working with clay. I also enjoy working with oil pastels and painting. This past summer I took my first photography class and found I had a natural talent for it; this class had us working with manual cameras and darkroom development.

I have most recently decided that I want to learn more about digital photography because I know how in tune kids these days are with technology. After expressing this interest to the only other artist in my family, my 89 year old pop pop (who was an engineer, musician, painter, photographer, and singer!), he decided to let me have one of his digital cameras he no longer uses. So I will be trying to figure out how to use it and digital editing software in the coming weeks I hope.

So far I have really enjoyed working at the school and observing Mrs. Snead teaching the students. I noticed right away the students were working at much higher levels than I anticipated. This week I started working with the 3rd grade and 1st grade classes. The lesson plans had a similar theme of outer space, the 3rd graders were working on ‘Spacescapes’ and the 1st graders were working on paper collage aliens. I enjoyed working with the students and hope to continue to challenge them to perform at high levels. I have already noticed a lot of very talented artistic students and look forward making some fantastic art projects!

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