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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who do the budget cuts hurt?

You know, I have always wondered .... when the money gets tight, why is education one of the first places they look to cut????? Actually, why do they go there at all? You'd think it would be one of the MOST IMPORTANT areas to keep in tact, even in which to actually INCREASE funding. I mean, aren't kids, the future leaders and workers of America, important enough to make sure they get the education needed to keep our country alive and competitive?? How are we to do it with less and less. With TECHNOLOGY ever increasing by the day, how are we supposed to keep the students up to date if we dont' have the tools? Lots of questions with not very many answers.

Of course, often withen that arena, the resources are looked at pretty early on, meaning art, music and PE, as an area, supposedly, "expendable". I will have to admit, though, in my county, the School Board seems pretty supportive of these areas, but, never the less, I know that some of the positions are going to disappear. As important as the arts are to "educating the whole child" ( the new buzz word) why would they end up on the chopping block first? For that matter, why would any teacher end up there?

I guess it is time to let our legislators know what we want them to do with the budget as we are the people they are representing. My prayer is that they would be given MUCH WISDOM as they deal with these budget cuts, and that they would deal with them from a proactive, instead of reactive, stand point. After all the quote "Children are our Future" is a real life FACT. We just hope they are ready to take it on!

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