Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Candle

Last year, a committee of teachers, parents, and staff, got together to plan a HUGE birthday party for Chets Creek's 10th birthday. It was quite a week long bash of birthday festivities. One idea, was to paint a large wooden candle for each year, depicting the theme for that year. (1-Building a 21st Century Community of Learners and Leaders, 2-Team up for Success, 3- Aim High, Take Flight, 4 - Hitch Your Wagon to A Rising Star, 5 - Puzzle Paradise, 6 - To Infinity and Beyond, 7 - Mission Possible, 8 -Lights, Camera, Action, 9 - Blazing the Trail 10-The Race is On, 11- The Magic Kingdom, Dreams Begin Here) Here, you see the first 11 (actually 10 1/2) candles with the various themes. These were painted by several people including, Kristy Sappington, Karen Willett, Haley Spooner, Hillery Theverage, Ian Forrester and myself. Believe me, I was ever so grateful to have such a wonderful group of artists to help with this undertaking. It was really fun to see candles ALL OVER THE ARTROOM being worked on in so many different styles. With oldies music in the was a real painting party. And they ALL turned out fantastic!!!! Below, is the new addition for this year..."Around the World in 180 Days." Not only does it include various forms of transportation, but features our new Mascot, Champion Chet, in the pilot's seat. Now, where it will go......I don't know. But it will mark another wonderful year at Chets Creek Elementary!


Jenny Nash said...

LOVE the new candle! :)

Suzanne said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new birthday candle! This visual wall is one of the stops for every visitor group that tours CCE. More pictures of this wall have been taken than any other thing at CCE! I love the way it documents our history. Thanks, Jen!