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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Have Learned Something New!

I was challenged by my principal, Susan Phillips, to create a wordle. I was clueless. So I sought out the help of our wonderful tech person, Melanie Holtsman, to help me out.
Wordles! Sounds funny, looks cool. And all ART! Taking words and creating a cloud, where the words you use most often are the biggest. This is a great way to see what words you use A LOT. This can be quite telling about the focus of your written word.

When I look at mine, I at least see that I talk mostly about ART and STUDENTS, which is good as that is the focus of my blog. Fun seems to be a decent size as well, that's good too.

What do you see in my wordle??????

I tag Hallie Spooner, Terri Woodlief, Mary MacKoul, and Betsy McCall to try this out!


Mrs. Woodlief, Art Teacher said...

How cool! I'd love to try this too!

Mrs. Woodlief, Art Teacher said...

I love the wordle. We'll have to try this, too! Thanks!

Suzanne said...

I see projects...and isn't that what art is all about! :)