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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Intern Update

So things have been going pretty well with the internship so far, this coming week will be the first week I fully take over all the grade levels (I’ve been picking up 2 grade levels each week). I am excited and nervous; the most difficult thing so far has been adjusting/wrapping my brain around Mrs. Snead’s class schedule.

I have been doing a lot of water coloring with the kids to help them finish up their Kids Art Fair projects. I have also really enjoyed helping the 5th graders work with clay. On Monday I am going to start a clay project with a class, we are going to attempt to make seahorses. I know it will be a challenging task, but I think we can do it. I have also had the chance to teach my ‘spacescape’ lesson again, which gave me the opportunity to try a different approach after reflecting on the strengths and weaknesses of the first run through. I was really pleased how excited the students were about the subject matter of outer space.

I also had my first observation by my supervisor last week. She came in and observed me teach water coloring to Mrs. Ossi’s class. They were wonderful and my supervisor said she was very impressed and that I am performing right on target, which is great news and certainly a confidence builder.

The first grade sleepover on Friday was also really fun to be a part of, I love how spirited the school is, and coming into school in pj’s was fun. In the art room we had the first graders making book covers, it was great to see so many parents and teachers getting involved. I really do feel so lucky be at Chet’s for my internship.

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