Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Good Clean Fun

I had the opportunity to work with a few 4th grade classes making soap sculptures. This is probably one of my all time favorite lessons so far because they students get really into the project, and although the soap shavings get everywhere, the whole art room smells so clean and soapy!

I am waiting on the other two classes to finish their soap sculptures, but here are some images from the class that did complete the project.

We talked about abstract art, what makes something abstract and I showed them some examples of abstract sculpture. I also had the students identify positive and negative space. The students then drew out a plan that was to include at least one area of negative space, and they were to alter the soap to release an abstract form.

The project took patience, and often times the soap can break if students rush, so in those instances we had to really think creatively about either changing our plan or using some toothpicks to hold it together in a unique way.


Unknown said...

What are the tools you use that work with small hands? And where to get your soap in bulk? Thanks!

Mrs. Snead said...

I actually have my parents donate soap. I specify that It should be rectangular soap (like Ivory) so it will have a even base to stand on. I tell them that sometimes, oval soap comes in rectangular boxes, so make sure the soap itself is rectangular. The tools are simple, plastic knives and wooden Popsicle sticks. Sometimes we use the wooden skewers to put small holes in the soap.