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Friday, March 27, 2009

Library Show is One Of The BEST!!!

Tina and I have just returned from helping to set up the Annual Elementary Library Art Show at the Pablo Branch Library. As I stated in the post, below, it is always a difficult decision to choose the five 2-D pieces from so many excellent works of art by our students. We are lucky, however, with the 3-D work, as the Pablo Branch Library always makes a case available for our pieces. Chets Creek was able to get about 30 pieces of 3-D work into the show this year. What a wonderful representation of our young artists.

The whole show is quite impressive, at least at our branch. There are about seven schools in our area, represented at this Library. I am quite sure the at the 14 other Library Branches, the show is just as strong. If you live near the Pablo Branch, or any other participating Library, make sure to swing in and take a look at our Duval County Elementary Artwork. Then let me know what you think!!!!!! We have a very strong program as evidenced by the masterpieces on display.

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Melanie Holtsman said...

As a regular visitor to the Pablo Creek library, I enjoy seeing the artwork displays each year. I always look for Chets Creek work done in Mrs. Snead's class and it makes me so proud to know that the students at my school are getting such a quality art education. Each year, the posted work is very different, so it's exciting to know that new things are being done each year! Thanks for going to the work of setting the displays up to honor the work of our students and show off our great little artists to the community. :)