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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

3-D Problem solving at its BEST!

Often, when I think of doing Three Dimensional projects with my students, it usually ends up being clay. Clay is not is just not all that there is with which to work. This year, we are breaking away from so many clay projects and we are moving toward using different materials. Below are some cardboard sculptures done by students with only a few instructions. That means, they had to tinker with the materials, experiment to see what worked, come up with some personal solutions and make some decisions. I did allow them to use hot glue guns, with parental permission, to make the process move more quickly, but otherwise, they came up with the final pieces themselves. Two of the pictures below are abstract sculptural pieces and one is a cardboard tube tree, with the "leaves" made from different found objects.

I have to admit, the students really liked this as they were fairly free to go where they wanted with the media at hand. Expect to see more pictures as they finish these :-)!


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