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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Worhal Pop Art Prints

What is popular right now?????? Definitly cupcakes, coke, cellphones, water plus many more objects that we see around us all the time. We decided is was time to look at POP ART and imitate the master, Andy Worhal. The students chose a "popular" image and carved it into Soft-Kut linoleum. This was a two ink process, focusing on complementary color combinations. When completed, they glued them on to one sheet of paper, forming the repeating pattern recognized in Worhals work.

As stated in an earlier post, this requires some backwards thinking.


Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

Absolutely fascinating!

Esspweb said...

Marvelous one!
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Ben Walters said...

Nice cake!:)

Pat said...

Okay, I am relatively intelligent(HA!)but I cannot figure out how you did the printing. Did you use a reduction print or just print the lighter color first? I really like these and would like to try it with my kids. Thanks!

Mrs. Snead said...

Pat - hopefully you will come back and read this :-)

I did use a reduction process with sof-kut linoleum. I had the students print on 4 different sheets of colored construction paper. They did print lighter colors first and moved toward the darker colors. they actually printed with only two colors of ink.

Miss said...

Love these- super cute and very effective use of colours. Thnx for sharing :)