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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beautiful Painted landscapes

These are some beautiful landscapes that were created by our 3rd grade students as they learned about deep depth. To understand how to create an illusion is not an easy task, but these students did it quite well. In this class, the students learned about landscape, then chose photographs of the landscapes as inspiration for their paintings. It was not required to copy the image exactly. In fact, it was encouraged that they combine ideas from different pictures or just use a part of the image and then "imagine" the rest. The layering technique was similar to the techniques listed in the above entry. There was a little more detail added after the sky, however.

To be honest, this was a real stretch for me as I have been more "controlling", to an extent, in my last 23 years, by doing a little more leading and not as much facilitating as I did in this project. In order to really get these students to make personal decisions and choice, I left the type of landscape up to them as well as how they would paint it with the techniques they had in their arsenals. The results were quite varied showing different skill levels. Overall, I think the lesson was successful and most of the students were happy with their work.

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Suzanne said...

I can't believe third graders created these landscapes. They are remarkable!