Monday, November 29, 2010

Weaving with Kindergarten

If you have ever tried weaving with Kindergarten students, you know that it is a slow, tedious process. Weaving is not a skill that this age child understands easily or picks up quickly. BUT, it is a skill that they need to BEGIN working on as it helps with "pattern" as well as mathmatical thinking skills. So, I decided that simple weaving would be the place to start. I precut the "worp"(the piece being woven into) and the "weft" pieces (the pieces being woven). We talk about how weaving in found in many cultures as an art form and a means for creating every day objects. I also tie it into their study of Native American cultures.

As far as the actual weaving process, the students determine the color pattern they want to use and then we weave together, one strip at a time. Finally, we glue down the ends to keep them from falling out.

Coming soon......weaving with a twist! Keep an eye out for additional projects!

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Dee Dee Tamburrino said...

"worp" and "weft?" Who knew?