Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rough Weather Ahead!!!

This class of 3rd grade students experienced rough seas as they painted seascapes depicting stormey skies and large waves. We talked about weather and how skies look when storms are approaching.
First, we took white, turquoise, and violet tempera and painted a stormy sky onto the manila paper, using white first, then, while wet, we slowly applied turquoise and violet, to create stormy clouds. I did allow them to use A LITTLE black, but only after a demonstration showing how little was really needed.
Then, we used violet, blue,turquoise, and white to work in the water. We reviewed "horizon line" and talked about how the waves would form peeks. They should paint the water using brush strokes that immulated rough waves. The last thing we did was add a small jut of land, far in the distance. Some chose to put in lighthouses and ships. Overall, we had some real weather brewing!

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Anonymous said...

Same comment as always. These kids are blessed to be in your class!