Monday, November 29, 2010

Continuing Patterns

This was a fun little project for Middle School students that I picked up at Conference. I did it with my third grade students. The idea is to glue a small square of pattern paper (1x1") into the middle of a larger piece of paper. The larger piece can be whatever size desired, depending on how long the project needs to last. This project was done on 6"x6" black paper as it was a one day project.

Whats the point? Well, this one takes some thought. The goal is to continue the pattern from the small square out to the edges of the big square. The trick is, the student doesn't have all of the pattern revieled in the small square so they have to figure it out OR develope a pattern that fits. Sometimes the pattern grows and evolves as it moves to the edges utilizing a lot of problem solving and decision making skills.

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